September 22, 2014: Journaling, Blogging, New Christmas Crochet Project + Today in Review

I used to journal every day. I started sometime when I was in junior high, although my earliest journals have not survived (because I shredded them at some point when I was in high school.) When I was in college, I got too busy for daily journaling, so it morphed into once-a-week journaling. Then I stopped journaling when Mike and I moved in together and other things took priority.

I miss journaling. While I would love to go back to it, I’m still finding that I can’t make it a top priority. If I were to devote the same amount of time to journaling that I used to, something else that’s more important would suffer.

Blogging isn’t quite the same as journaling, but I’m thinking perhaps it could be productive and motivating for me to start posting “today in review” style blog posts. Motivating, because if I know that I have to share my accomplishments at the end of every day, it means that I will have to accomplish something worth sharing — something better and more shareable than “snuggled with the cats in bed all day.”

I’m going to give this a try. Can I keep it up? I don’t know. Will I always have something worth sharing? I hope so, but again, I really don’t know. Let’s see how it goes.

Today I Made…

this crocheted wreath ornament. The free crochet pattern is available at

If you celebrate Christmas, perhaps you'd enjoy crocheting this cute little lace wreath ornament. The free crochet pattern is available online.

If you celebrate Christmas, perhaps you’d enjoy crocheting this cute little lace wreath ornament. The free crochet pattern is available online.

Today I Worked on…

…this list of Christmas patterns to knit and crochet

Today I Saw…

…two young foxes playing together and chasing each other. They hopped up onto a fence and were running gracefully along; being atop the fence was not an issue for them at all. They were perfectly balanced. I had no idea foxes were so nimble. They were amazing.

Today’s Workout

  • The usual warmup
  • 7 different types of kicks — 15 of each, on each side
  • 30 scissor kicks on each side
  • 30 straight-leg situps with toes pointed. 10 more with toes flexed.
  • 10 ab crunches
  • Various machines at the free gym — these are machines where the workout comes from lifting your own body weight. 20 biceps, 10 triceps, 10 delts / triceps, 25 legs.
  • There was more, but that was most of it.