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 Handmade Artist's Art Journal Page With Collage, Hand Painting, Block Printing, Journaling Blocks and Spin Art

Handmade Artist’s Art Journal Page With Collage, Hand Painting, Block Printing, Journaling Blocks and Spin Art

As you can see from my recent journal pages, I am still loving spin art. 🙂 For this journal that I have working on, I started out with a spiral bound journal made by Paperchase. Then I attached it to my turntable and did a whole bunch of spin art paintings on the pages. So now I am going to work my way through the pages and turn each of them into my journal entry (or entries, as the case may be) for the day.

This is a new way of journaling for me. I have been a paper journaler for years- I don’t even remember how long. I started in junior high school. I’ve been a blogger for a few years now too. It’s always fun to experiment with new ways of journaling, and this way has really captured my imagination.

I’ve also been enjoying creating journaling blocks for my scrapbook pages and my art journal. I am still experimenting with new ideas for doing that too. I think, when I am done experimenting, I will be writing a tutorial on how to do it. So please check back! 🙂

Update: Click here for more info about how to make journaling blocks using the block printing technique. The linked page also features a scrapbooking page which utilizes one of these journaling blocks, so you can see another example of how I like to use them. Enjoy! 🙂

Update #2: 7-15-2019 — I posted a new page about art journaling over at If art journaling is of interest to you, I hope you will find the new article helpful.

Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog. I sincerely appreciate your interest!

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