New Crochet Patterns

This page is a collection of free crochet patterns that I’ve recently published. You’re also invited to check out my page about what’s new at — where I’ve posted articles about knitting and crochet in addition to the free crochet patterns listed here.

New Crochet Patterns for September 2014

Lace Crochet Wreath Ornament for Christmas — This little wreath is easy to crochet, but it looks all fancy and lacy. Unexpected bonus: My cats love it.

Christmas Napkin Rings in Bead Crochet — These sparkly napkin rings are ideal accents for dressing up your Christmas dinner table.

Easy Christmas Tree Shape — I just published a brand new symbol crochet chart for making a cute little Christmas tree shape.

New Crochet Patterns for August, 2014

Crochet Edging Pattern for Towels, Sheets, Linens and Round Tablecloths — I just reworked an existing edging pattern to make it more versatile. Originally, it was written to be an edging pattern for small hand towels, but now you can use it on other types of projects more easily.

New Crochet Patterns for April 2014

Basic Crochet Circle Shape — Use this pattern for crocheting a simple flat circle.

Easy Curved Crochet Circle — Sometimes you might have a need for a circle that doesn’t lie totally flat. This one curves a bit.

Crochet Sunflower Applique — A simple, chic sunflower design with many possible uses.

Crochet Sunflower Granny Square — Sunflowers were the inspiration for this textured crochet granny square pattern.

Mod Crochet Sunflower Applique — This retro-style flower has a simplistic sort of appeal about it.

Crochet Skull Applique — If you’re ever in need of a creepy crocheted skull, this is your go-to pattern.

New Crochet Patterns for March 2014

Fingerless Gloves Crocheted With V Stitch in Brick Repeat — These are stylish hand warmers with a lacy yet rugged flair.