Monthly Archives: October 2006

Art and Craft Blog Consolidation

If you found your way here somehow and are actually reading this, I’d like to say “Hello!” and “Welcome!” 🙂 Thank you very much for visiting. I appreciate your interest in my art and crafts blog.

I have a lot of work to do on this blog before it will look the way I want it to look! I should post “under construction” signs, or something, for the time being. This is a brand new blog, although I am not new to the blogosphere or to blogging. I have soooo many blogs, yet here I am starting another one.

I recently made the decision to consolidate my blogging efforts. I envision that this blog is going to eventually become the home page of my web site, and it will also be where I devote the majority of my blogging energy. However, I don’t think I will entirely give up on my other blogs either. I enjoy all the things that my various other blogging sites have to offer- livejournal with its communities (not to mention my wonderful friends list there), my ebay blog, my blogger blog…etc. I have put a lot of effort into all of them and there are things about each one of those blogs that I enjoy. So, while I will not be abandoning them completely, I do need to focus more on my actual work and less on blogging about my work- if that makes sense.

If you’ve read this far and you want to know more, please do take a look at my other blogs which have more info thus far than this one does:

My art blog at blogger
My art blog at ebay (Ebay long ago discontinued their blogging platform, which is a shame, because I posted quite a few interesting things there that are now lost to the world forever).
My personal blog at livejournal (although most of the public entries are art related; go figure)
My myspace, which doesn’t have much of interest at the moment either