Thank You Card With Spin Art and Rubber Stamping

Handmade and hand painted greeting card with spin art

I made this greeting card yesterday. The focal point of the card was created by collaging some images that I hand stamped and hand-painted. Aside from the stamped design, which is by Inque Boutique (from the “Retro Shapes” set,) the entire design is my own hand painting, inking, chalking and collage.

Flickr Explore!

OH WOW! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am so excited over some really really old news that I had no idea about until just now. I just found out that five of my photos on flickr have been featured on Flickr “Explore”. I am soooo thrilled! Flickr Explore is a daily showcase of 500 of the most interesting photos uploaded to Flickr. I didn’t really know much about it until I just read this Flickr Explore FAQ from This is a big deal to me because Flickr is one of my all time favorite web sites ~ it is just such an incredible place to go for inspiration ~ with soooooo many talented photographers and artists, from all over the world. According to my Flickr DNA, NINE of my photos have been in explore in the past. This is really exciting to me because all the photos that showed up there are photos of my paintings and artwork, so it means a lot to me that people liked them enough that they would be chosen for Explore. Yipppeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Scrapbooking Layout: Botanical Illustration. Rubber Stamping With Stamps by Inque.

Back in the spring of the year 2000, I took a botanical illustration class from Otis College of Art and Design. At the time, I had already been designing fabrics for a few years, and I realized that my skill with florals could stand improving. I thought the class would be a fantastic way to get more experience drawing plants and flowers ~ and it was! I learned so much from the class and had a fabulous time doing it. There were so many great things about the class. I LOVED the location at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California. If you ever have a chance to go there ~ DO IT! It is just pure eye candy all over. Peacocks roam through the gardens…there are flowers and plants and trees everywhere. It is a botanical illustrator’s paradise!

Olga Eysymontt was the class instructor, and she is amazing. While illustration is never quick or easy, I really felt that she simplified the process as much as possible. She presented the course in such a way that anyone could have had success, even a non-artist. I was pretty amazed at how much I was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class with Olga, I highly recommend that you do it!

Here is a list of classes that the Arboretum currently has posted. They always seem to have such interesting offerings. In the past I have seen them offer so many interesting gardening classes, and I would love to go back and take more classes there.
Supplies Used in This Scrapbooking Layout:

The rubber stamps are all See D’s by Inque Boutique:

  • 50481 Mini – Sharie’s Lower Alpha ~ used in the title
  • 50221 Phantoms ~ used to create the watercolor effect under the title, and also used under the right hand side of the orchid photo. I layered 3 of the different “phantoms” stamps, using different colored inks, to get this effect.
  • 50450 Mini – Great Shapes Journaling ~ used to create the 2 journaling blocks.
  • 50328 Retro Shapes ~ used to create the little pink flowers

Patterned Papers:




Inks & Chalks:

Inks by Rubber Stampede & Colorbox Fluid Chalk. Decorating Chalks by Craf-T products.

Thanks for taking a look! 🙂

Scrapbooking Layout: Exploring the Tide Pool

Scrapbooking layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce. Border=

Supplies used:

Thanks for looking! 🙂

Scrapbooking Layout: Oregon’s Sand Dunes. Supplies by Reminisce.

Scrapbooking layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

Here is a multi-photo scrapbooking layout that is one of my favorites! It features 4 photos I took during a trip to the Oregon coast, along with scrapbooking supplies by Reminisce.

Supplies Used are from Reminisce’s “The Great Outdoors” Line:


Thanks for looking!

Scrapbooking Layout. Supplies by Reminisce.

Scrapbooking Layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

Supplies Used:

From the Reminisce “Tropical Fusion” Line:

  • Tropical Fusion patterned paper
  • Blue Hawaii patterned paper
  • Tropical Alphabet Sticker
  • Tropical Fusion Phrase Sticker

From Reminisce’s other lines:

Other Scrapbooking Supplies Used:

  • Ribbon
  • Green Cardstock

Thanks for taking a look! 🙂

Scrapbooking, Camping, Shopping, Fantasy Vs. Reality, and Supplies by Reminisce.

Scrapbooking layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

I love to shop! A few years back, I realized that I was constantly buying clothes for a life I do not lead. I loved buying fun party dresses and high heels, glittery cosmetics, and bright colored jewelry. Yet those fun clothes would hang in my closet, unworn, with all the tags still on them. I barely wore any of them, because I when I’d actually get dressed, I would choose things like sweats if I was going to go hiking, or paint stained clothes if I was going to make art, or jeans if I was just going to hang out. In my real life, I do things like mountain biking and camping and fishing and running around on the beach.

Today I realized that I have been doing the same thing with scrapbooking supplies. It hit me, when I was creating this camping layout. I buy a lot of pink paper with flowers and flourishes, and colorful “girly” embellishments that really don’t coordinate too well with the life I live and scrap about. This is interesting! Considering that there are so many supplies I’ve purchased that I LOVE, but have never been able to actually find a use for. I have a lot of pretty papers just hoarded in my stash, and some of them might never get used. I’ve been buying supplies for some sort of fantasy life, and not really buying enough of the supplies I’d use to scrap my real life.

I just recently found out about Reminisce. I liked the products as soon as I saw them, and I really wanted to try them out. However, they are different in so many ways from the products that I have hoarded in my stash. I think that the biggest difference is THESE ARE THE PAPERS FOR THE LIFE I ACTUALLY LEAD. And that’s a good thing! In fact this discovery is probably one of the best things that ever happened to my scrapbooking stash, my scrapbooking budget, and my scrapbooking mojo. I have been super inspired to scrap and I have been getting tons of pages done!

My new favorite papers are the “Into the Woods” design from Reminisce’s “The Great Outdoors” Line, which you can see in the backgound of this layout, and Blizzard Blue”, from “the Snow Globe” line. (I didn’t use Blizzard Blue in this layout, but you can see plenty of it in my other layouts if you scroll down to the earlier posts I made this month.) I can see myself making dozens of layouts using these papers. I have 8 or so rolls of film that I took in Oregon, and the “Into the Woods” paper is absolutely the perfect choice for scrapping quite a few of those pics. I’m so excited!

Supplies used in this scrapbooking layout:

All these items are from Reminisce’s “The Great Outdoors” Line:

I also used brown ribbon, black marker, and green chalk.

Thanks for looking! 🙂

Scrapbooking Layout: Mike & Amy. Supplies by Reminisce.

Scrapbooking layout by  Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

Supplies used in this scrapbooking layout:

2 sheets of Reminisce double sided cardstock, Basic Graph pattern. This is from the Black and White Basics collection, item #BW-101.

1 sheet of Reminisce double-sided cardstock, “Shelley” pattern. This is item #SST-009 from the Stripestock collection. I used the side with the red and pink grid. (The paper is double-sided; it has a stripe on the back.)
1 sheet of Reminisce Magic Polka Dots patterned paper. This is item #RM-011 from the “Real Magic” line.

Reminisce Black & White Basics self-adhesive die cut Alphabet Stickers; these are the plain black letters, item # BW-101 from the Black & White Basics line. One sheet of these was sufficient for my title, but I doubt you are going to copy my title exactly, so plan accordingly for the title you have in mind. Since there is a generous amount of letters on these sticker sheets, most titles will only require one sheet of these stickers. When in doubt, though, buy 2 sheets.

Reminisce Black & White Basics self-adhesive die cut Stickers ~ this is the smaller sticker assortment featuring stickers with black and white geometric shapes, hibiscus flowers, and a couple of border stickers. In my layout I used 5 of the stickers from this sheet. This is item #BW-100 from the Black & White Basics line.

The 2 arrow stickers on the layout are from Reminisce’s “The Great Outdoors Line“. I used the arrow stickers from the Great Outdoors journal sticker sheet ~ item #TGO-107.

Autumn Leaves Stitched Journaling Panels Clear Stamp. (The stamp is used to make the heart shaped journaling area.) You also need ink of your choice. I used a black ink pad.

Scalloped decorative scissors ~ any brand will do, but if you are going to buy new scissors I highly recommend Fiskars brand.

A variety of different kinds of patterned ribbon: polka dots, stripes, checks, ginghams, plaids, solids, and florals. The ribbons I used were all either black and white, black and red, or red and white. The brand names on these ribbons are Offray, RibbonFX, plus there are some that were manufactured for Michael’s stores. The ribbons are all used in 12-inch lengths.

I wrote an article with instructions for how to scraplift this layout, but I am almost embarrassed to link to it because Associated Content made some seriously stupid edits to it. For one thing, the photos are not showing up in the article at all. (Hopefully that is just a glitch; a lot of the other authors on the site seem to be having the same problem with missing photos.) So, please refer to the photo posted here, which is also the main photo that was meant to be posted along with the article. Associated Content also edited both the title of the article, and the article itself. Obviously their editor is not a scrapbooker ~ everywhere the term “12 x 12” appears in the article he replaced it with “12-by-12.” *snort!* Hopefully, though, you will still get the basic necessary info even though the presentation of the article got a bit mangled.

Scrapbooking Article: How To Scraplift This Layout With Reminisce Supplies

Scrapbooking Layout: Balboa Park. Supplies by Reminisce.

Scrapbooking Layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

My husband and I used to love hanging out in this park, roller blading, watching the ducks in the lake, and people watching. It’s prettiest during the spring time when these gorgeous trees are in bloom.

Supplies Used:

  • Tsukineko Walnut Ink, in Cherry Blossom.
  • Patterned Papers are by Reminisce: the pink paper on the bottom is “Ice storm white” from the “Snow Globe” line. It looks pink because I squirted it with the Cherry Blossom ink mentioned above. This paper is so perfect for walnut inking on ~ it is hefty enough to take the ink without warping, and it colors up really beautifully. Plus it is so distressed and “shabby” to start with that it already has a textured look to it. I just love this paper!
  • The blue paper is the “Blizzard Blue” design, which is also from “Snow Globe” line. I squirted it with a bit of Cherry Blossom ink too. Just love how well this combo accents my photos. 🙂
  • Pink and blue polka dot ribbons
  • The alphabet stickers are by Basic Grey; they are from the Romani (Gypsy) line.
  • The doodling was done with a gel pen.