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Scrapbooking Layout: “Whitney & Mariah”. Supplies by Reminisce.

This layout was made with real photos of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston! I got the photos for this layout at a tacky souvenir shop on Hollywood Boulevard. So fun! Love how this turned out. I never completed the journaling because I am thinking of selling this layout on ebay, and I think the new owner will enjoy doing the journaling.

Scrapbooking Supplies Used:

Scrapbooking Layout: “Sweet Cheetah”. Supplies by Reminisce.

A very dear friend of ours works at the zoo. She is also a talented photographer! Mike and I were so excited because she offered to take us behind the scenes at the zoo. We even got to pet the cheetah and take pictures with him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Pretty Amazing!

Supplies Used:


  • The dotted pattern was hand painted on the cardstock using walnut inks.
  • I also colored most of the stickers with walnut inks because I wanted them to look warmer, and not so “bright white” against the other patterned papers.
  • I doodled diagonal lines around the edges of the cardstock for additional visual interest. (If you’re not a doodler, you could always stitch with a sewing machine, or hand embroider, or stamp some border patterns to get a similar effect.)

Scrapbook Layout: Baby Zebra. Supplies by Reminisce.

Scrapbook layout of a baby zebra. Layout is by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

This little zebra stole my heart! What a cutie!

Supplies used:

Patterned Papers and Stickers are by Reminisce:

Additional supplies:

  • “Tiger Stripe” (discontinued) rubber stamp by Rubber Stampede
  • Black ink.
  • Ribbon
  • The circles in the title were cut out using my Fiskars Shape Xpress.

Scrapbook Layout: Mosaic Art in Seattle. Supplies by Reminisce.

Mosaic Art in Seattle. Scrapbook layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

I’ve been scrapping some old photos…fun stuff. I love taking random shots of random things. These photos were taken in Seattle when I took a trip there a few years ago. I got into town a bit ahead of the people I was meeting up with, so I just started exploring around on my own, not knowing where I was going or what I was going to find. These cool mosaics were part of the landscape as I explored.

Unfortunately this layout did not photograph well. I really wish you could see it in person! The colors are so much more vibrant up close. (And of course, the colors are probably not appearing accurately on your monitor anyway ~ so frustrating!)

Scrapbooking Supplies Used in This Layout:

Patterned Papers:

The alphabet stickers are from the “Real Magic” line by Reminisce.
The ribbons were purchased at Michael’s.

🙂 Thanks for looking!

Scrapbooking Layout: Mexico

Scrapbooking Layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies are by Reminisce.

This layout shows off some pics I took of Mike in Mexico. OK, so I showed this to some people and it’s been pointed out to me that there are a lot of places besides Mexico that you can take quads on the beach. 🙂 thanks guys…that is good to know. You sure can’t do it at any of the beaches that we go to here. I kinda wish you could, because it was so much fun. Gotta go back to Mexico soon! I sure would love to.

Scrapbooking Supplies Used in This Layout:

Scrapbooking Layout: Gone Fishing. Supplies by Reminisce.

Gone Fishing, a Scrapbooking Layout By Amy Solovay. Supplies Are By Reminisce.

Mike and I went fishing on our honeymoon. He knew I’d been wanting to go fishing for a long time, so he found us a day trip excursion on a fishing boat. It wasn’t something we’d really planned to do ahead of time ~ kind of just a spontaneous adventure. Now, you’re probably thinking that fishing isn’t the most romantic way to spend your honeymoon, but to me the entire notion was extremely romantic. It was a gesture of love and self sacrifice on Mike’s part, considering that he had other things he’d rather have been doing, plus he is prone to seasickness. He wanted to risk it considering how badly he knew I wanted to go. And sure enough…we should’ve planned better with the dramamine…Honestly, I think I have the sweetest, most loveable, most romantic husband in the entire world. I love it that he is always up for an adventure, and he doesn’t let anything stop him.

We were delighted at how many fish we caught! They were amazingly fresh and delicious! We were enjoying the fish for long after the honeymoon was over. Hopefully I’ll be scrapping more fish pictures soon.

Scrapbooking Supplies Used in This Layout:

This is such a great line to scrap with ~ the stickers, especially, make me smile. They say things like “No exaggerating!” Hahaha! (I’ll be using that one on another fishing layout I have planned.) I had so much fun making this layout and reliving the memories. I will treasure it always!

Scrapbooking Layout: Fishing. Supplies by Reminisce.

This scrapbooking layout shows our ocean fishing trip. Supplies by Reminisce. Layout by Amy Solovay.

Supplies Used in this Scrapbooking Layout:

This is another easy layout. The patterned paper is so gorgeous that I didn’t want to stick too much stuff on top of it and clutter it up. You can’t tell from my scan, but the paper is really shimmery and shiny in person. It’s pretty cool! And it’s double sided too, so I’ll be doing another layout on the back of it.

Scrapbooking Layout: Leo Carillo State Beach.

Scrapbooking Supplies Used in this Layout:

Scrapbooking Tips That Go Along With This Layout:

Ladies, can I just say that I am all about the easy layouts? I mean, why work harder than you have to, right? This one is so easy that it is almost a no-brainer. You can put this layout together in less than twenty minutes ~ and probably much less, if you’re a fast scrapper.

Here’s a little tip that I learned from the fashion industry: use tonals. What, you might ask, is a tonal? Well, you’ve probably looked at paint chips at the hardware store, haven’t you? You know how a lot of paint chips will give you several different values of the same color ~ for example, a dark blue, a medium blue, and, a light blue? That’s the basic concept. It works really well for scrapbooking, too. See how my layout is mostly shades of blue from the same family? All that blue ties the elements together and makes the layout look cohesive. You can use this trick whether you’re painting, designing a layout, or getting dressed in the morning ~ it’s failsafe. And, if you have a hard time remembering what exactly tonals look like, you can always borrow some of those paint chips from the hardware store to refresh your memory.

In this layout, I used two 5 x 7 photos, one horizontal and one vertical. I adhered them to a piece of “Blizzard Blue” paper from Reminisce’s “Snow Globe” line. Then I added some polka dotted ribbon, and my title, which is also from the “Snow Globe” line. Just a little tiny bit of handwritten journaling completes the layout. Like I told you, pretty simple, but it’s still effective.

Another tip: Reminisce’s “Blizzard Blue” paper has got to be the most versatile patterned paper I’ve worked with in a long time. I just got my hands on some of it today. I bought 4 pieces and am discovering that even with that much I did not buy enough of it. (Update: I ordered more, and I still don’t have enough of it. Need even more!) I am loving this paper! It is so distressed and grungy, which is great for “boy” layouts. It’s the perfect color to use with any photo that has a bit of grayed-down blue sky in it. Of course, you could always use it for its intended purpose, too, which is winter holiday themed layouts. This paper would be perfect to use with photos that have a touch of snow, or wintery gray skies. The photos that I used in my layout were taken at the beach during the fall. I think this paper is perfect for beach photos.

In case you’re curious, I guess I should explain the silly handwritten journaling. Underneath “Leo Carillo”, it says “You know, THAT DUDE”. You’d never know from reading it, but the journaling is actually a tribute to my husband and how well he knows me. Once a bunch of our friends were sitting around saying “What do you want to do?” “I dunno, what do you want to do?” So finally someone says “Let’s go to the beach”. So someone else says, “Which beach?” and we all looked at each other. I wanted to go to Leo Carillo in Malibu, but at the time I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the beach. I just kept drawing a blank. So I said, “Let’s go to that dude beach!” And everyone looked at me as if I were crazy. And a bunch of people said “Huh?” So I looked at my husband helplessly and said, “You know, that dude. What’s his name again?” And my husband thought it over for a second, and said, “She wants to go to Leo Carillo”. It’s a mystery how he figured out what I was talking about, but there are a lot of times when it seems like he can read my mind.

Thanks for taking a look! 🙂