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Scrapbooking Idea — Bracket-Shaped Scrapbook Layout

Free Scrapbooking Ideas -- Bracket Shaped Layout Made Using Clear Scraps XL Shapes and a Hambly Transparency I created this layout awhile back but didn’t want to share it at the time because some of the scrapbooking supplies I used were brand new and hadn’t yet been revealed. Now that these supplies are readily available for purchasing, I thought I’d share it…

Supply List:

Clear Scraps XL Shapes

Transparency: Hambly

Ribbon: Scrap Within Reach

Chipboard Letters: Scrap Within Reach

Patterned Papers: Scrap Within Reach, Cherry Arte

Handmade Jewelry Ideas

Handmade Jewelry Idea -- This Beaded Necklace Is Crocheted Using Gold Embroidery Floss and Embellished With a Handcrafted Dichroic Glass Pendant.

I’m feeling so inspired right now! I just took a look through Tammy Powley’s fab list of fiber necklace projects. She has created some amazing designs in a variety of different techniqes; you’ll find beadwork projects and macrame projects, plus some of her pieces incorporate crocheting.

Which reminds me, I never shared my latest bead crochet necklace with y’all.

For a long time, I have been wanting to learn how to make dichroic glass pendants. Several years ago I bought a bunch of them from Dichrohaven, and I’ve been using them for various projects ever since. (Anybody remember my Hanauma Bay scrapbooking layout? I used one of the smaller pendants as an embellishment on it.)

Anyway, Tammy posted a fantastic tutorial for how to make dichroic glass pendants. Thanks, Tammy, for satisfying my curiosity about how that is done; now I have a better understanding of why those pendants are so darned expensive (but worth every penny, IMO.) Maybe I’ll even make my own glass pendant someday.

How to Make the Necklace Pictured Above

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