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Crochet Conversations

Update, 7-9-2014: Please note that parts of this old post are no longer relevant. Unfortunately, staff deleted all my polls, including the ones mentioned in this post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

To see more updated crochet conversations and info, I invite you to visit my new crochet and knitting blog, and disregard the information below.

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Over at, I asked crocheters the following question: Do you use knots in your crochet work? The poll was prompted by a reader named Jessica, who knots her crochet work, and can’t understand why knotting is often seen as a no-no. The poll responses have been fascinating!

Another current conversation: What’s the best size for a crocheted scarf?

We’re also talking about the crochet foundation row, left-handed crochet, and crocheting for charity. If you crochet, or would like to learn how to crochet, I hope you’ll join in the chatter.

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