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Heart Shapes and Heart Squares You Can Crochet

Hearts to Crochet

Want to crochet some hearts in pretty Valentine-friendly colors — red, pinks, lavender, white or other colors? I have some inspiration to share with you; I already whipped up few of these lovelies, and I’ve made the free patterns available to you on the Internet. You’re invited to grab ’em if you like.

Ideas for Football Widows

I am not a football fan. Not even a little bit. Here are my tips for ways to enjoy the Super Bowl Sunday, even if you hate football:

Things to do on Super Bowl Sunday if you hate football

And, for those of you who do like football, check out these football patterns. My favorite: the team spirit hat, which isn’t a football-specific design; you can crochet the hat in any team’s colors (or for that matter, any two colors at all.)