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DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

A quick reminder: Mother’s Day is approaching. This year, Mom’s special day falls on Sunday, May 11, 2014.

Do you ever draw a blank when trying to think of a worthy gift for the lady who is, after all, one of the most significant people in your life? Need some ideas for lovely gifts you could make for her?

If so, the pages linked here can help.

The projects on this list are all ideal Mother’s Day gifts that crocheters can make using free pattern available on the Internet. So if you know how to crochet, this page is a fantastic resource. Bonus points because you don’t have to buy any patterns.

If you don’t know how to crochet, I invite you to check out the following resources:

Of course, if you don’t already know how to crochet, you’ll probably want to practice a bit before you attempt to make an entire gift. So moving on to the next item for your consideration, you could take a look at this list of best Mother’s Day craft ideas. That list features projects you can create using a variety of different craft techniques.

I hope you’ll find these ideas inspiring and helpful when deliberating about what to make, and what to give. If you decide to make one of these projects, I wish you all the best with it. I sure hope you’ll have fun with both the gift-making, and the gift-giving.


Amy Solovay

A Silk Infinity Scarf

An Easy Silk Infinity Scarf -- A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available for This Design.

An Easy Silk Infinity Scarf — A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available for This Design.

This infinity scarf was designed to be crocheted in a warm, resilient yarn such as the lovely merino pictured on the original pattern page. However, with spring’s arrival, I packed the wool scarf away, and look forward to bringing it out again in the fall. For now, I’ve been wanting to having something a bit lighter and “springier” to wear around.

I had a) some pink silk yarn, and b) some serious curiosity about how the same scarf design would look if I used my silk yarn to crochet it instead of the wool. I was hopeful that it could work, but not at all sure it would. I knew the drape would be different, and I figured the entire look would be different.

The drape is definitely different.

The entire look is definitely different.

I’m happy enough with the results of this experiment. Drapey lightweight scarf: check. New spring wardrobe piece: check. Curiosity satisfied: check, check, check.