Flickr Explore!

OH WOW! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am so excited over some really really old news that I had no idea about until just now. I just found out that five of my photos on flickr have been featured on Flickr “Explore”. I am soooo thrilled! Flickr Explore is a daily showcase of 500 of the most interesting photos uploaded to Flickr. I didn’t really know much about it until I just read this Flickr Explore FAQ from This is a big deal to me because Flickr is one of my all time favorite web sites ~ it is just such an incredible place to go for inspiration ~ with soooooo many talented photographers and artists, from all over the world. According to my Flickr DNA, NINE of my photos have been in explore in the past. This is really exciting to me because all the photos that showed up there are photos of my paintings and artwork, so it means a lot to me that people liked them enough that they would be chosen for Explore. Yipppeeeeeeeee!!!!!