Fun Facts About Our Kittens

Our Kitten Gem on Mike's Shoulder

Our Kitten Gem on Mike’s Shoulder

Our four kittens are sisters and litter-mates. They’re similar in many ways, but the more you get to know them, the more you realize that each girl has her own distinct personality.

  • Kitty with the softest fur: Gem. Cindy is pretty soft too.
  • Kitty with the thickest fur: Izzy.
  • Most likely to purr loudly, for no apparent reason: Gem.
  • Most likely to lick my hand: Gem.
  • Most likely to bite my hand: Gem.
  • Most likely to beg for petting: Ginger.
  • Least likely to beg for petting: Izzy.
  • Most likely to use the scratching post: Izzy.
  • Most likely to unplug my computer: Izzy.
  • Most likely to jump into the cockpit: Ginger. Cindy is a close second.
  • Most likely to pounce on Mike’s shoulders: Cindy (although the photo shows Gem on Mike’s shoulder.)
  • Most likely to climb our pants legs: Cindy.
  • Most likely to climb into the sink: Cindy.
  • Most likely to make trouble: Gem. No, wait, Izzy. no, wait, Cindy. No, wait, Ginger. Hmmmmm.