“How To Make Paper Lace”: A Free Scrapbooking /Card Making / and Paper Crafting Idea Book Posted Online at Paperlaces.com

Purple and Orange Greeting Card With Flower, Paper Lace, and Supplies by American Crafts Including a Details Flower Center Layered Embellishment and House of Mirrors Patterned Paper

Handmade Greeting Card by Amy Solovay, With Simple Paper Lace Plus Supplies by American Crafts.One of my latest projects is a book called How To Make Paper Lace. This was a book that I originally planned to publish through a traditional book publisher. However, after much frustration attempting to do that, I decided to publish the book online, for free, instead. I am really excited about it because, as a crafter, I can see so many advantages to publishing the book online. Readers can easily click through the links I provide and see immediately where they can go to get the supplies they need. Readers can also immediately see what the supplies actually cost, and have an easier time deciding whether or not it is a project they want to try. Additionally, it is super-easy to comment on any entry from the book and ask questions, get help, give suggestions for alternate techniques or easier ways to do things, etc. And of course the best advantage for readers of all- the fact that all these projects are available for free! Hopefully having these scrapbooking and card making ideas available free of charge will allow you to take more of your money and spend it on supplies.

I have been working on this idea book for well over a year now, and I am excited to say that things are coming together nicely! The entire book has not been posted online yet, but there is plenty of material there to get you started. You can click here to see the introduction to the book. If you’d rather jump right in, feel free to start by reading Chapter 1: Materials and Supplies You Will Need To Make Paper Lace. The first part of Chapter 2: How To Make Basic Paper Lace is also available. At this point Chapter 2 is not complete yet and I plan to add some updates hopefully next week. However, there is enough information there to be helpful, assuming that you get through reading the introductory material that comes before it first. I have also begun posting the free project ideas that go along with chapter 2 of the book. The greeting cards shown here in this post are just a couple of the free project ideas. There will be more posted soon.

Keep in mind that these really aren’t the “laciest” of the paper laces I have designed; these are ultra-simple and very easy to create, sacrificing some frills for simplicity. This will hopefully be helpful for the sake of getting you started if you are a complete beginner to paper crafts in general and paper cutting / paper lace in specific. As we get farther into the book, you will be able to learn how to create more complicated designs that are much “lacier”.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work.