Interview With Self Representing Artist Tim Kline (Moved From Ebay Blog)

I am so annoyed at ebay! There are numerous reasons why- I could write a thesis-length work on all the things about ebay that have been annoying me lately, but since I know you don’t really want to read all of that- for the sake of simplicity I will only post about one reason right now. Annoying thing #7,479: They changed ebay blog archives so that HTML code shows up as gobbeldygook, instead of appearing like a properly formatted blog post with pictures and formatting. UGGH! I find this quite annoying because I spent so much time on my ebay blog. I would not have done so if I thought that the posts were never going to actually be legible by anyone. And I wasn’t the only one who spent time on my blog either, because I did a whole series of interviews with fellow self-representing artists that I had intended to stay archived on my blog.

So, I just had an idea. I am going to move some of the more interesting posts over to this blog, where they will actually appear as normal posts instead of gobbeldygook. 🙂 Starting with the interview I did with Tim Kline. Now, before I re-post this interview I have to say a few words about Tim and his work. Shortly after I originally interviewed Tim, I purchased some of his work as a gift for my mother in law; the item I purchased was one of his garden stake wind chimes. I was completely thrilled with the piece that he sent me, and my mother in law loved it too! His work is amazing. If you think it looks good in the photos, just wait till you see it in person! Plus he ships quickly and shipping rates are extremely reasonable.

Also, since this interview was originally created for ebay blogs, some of Tim’s most important links were omitted from the interview. (Annoying thing # 7,480: ebay’s restrictive, nebulous, ever-changing and totally vague “community content policy”.) But you should definitely check these sites out if you have the time!

OK, so here’s the interview! 🙂

Interview With Tim Kline, Self Representing Artist

I have been doing a series of interviews with other self representing artists who sell their work on ebay. So far I’ve been interviewing painters, so I thought it was about time that I interviewed an artist working in 3-dimensional media. Today’s interview is with Tim Kline, who goes by the ebay ID timo43. You can visit his ebay store, tskDesign to view more of his incredible work.Amy Solovay: Tim, please show us one photo that most closely represents your personal style of work.Tim’s Response:Amy Solovay: Please briefly tell us about the art that you offer to the ebay community, and a bit about your creative process.Tim Kline: I make high quality creations you won’t find anywhere else. Inspired by
the beauty of the beach glass my youngest son collected on the local
beaches, I worked to perfect a method to produce my own ‘beach-type’
glass that I now uses extensively in my work. I also use local
driftwood, beach stones and pebbles, red cedar and other natural
materials. From small suncatchers to giant freestanding double wind
chimes, my work covers a wide design spectrum.
Amy Solovay: What sets your art apart from that of the other artists on ebay?Tim Kline: No one is doing anything close to what I am doing. I have never seen
anything like it on eBay, or in my extensive travels across Canada. I
have had reports from customers throughout the US, and Europe, that
they have never seen anything like it either. Having unique items that
can not be found elsewhere is a real advantage for selling on eBay.
Amy Solovay: Do you have any art appreciation or art collecting tips & tidbits that you’d like to share with us?

Tim Kline: Realize that unique art is worth a price. There is often a lot of time
and work that go into the physical creation of a work of art, and even
more that went into the dreaming up of the work. Artists frequently
undervalue their work, and this is a real problem for a place like
eBay, where many of them are self-representing, and decide on much too
low of a price. A genuine work of art that speaks to you will provide
many, many years of pleasure. Be happy to provide a fair price to the
person who invested some of their soul into the creation of that piece.

Amy Solovay: What do you think is going to be the “next big thing” in the world of art?

Tim Kline: I think functional art is going to become increasingly appreciated. As
‘Boomers’ age and move to smaller living spaces, they will come to
enjoy filling these spaces with extraordinary works of art that don’t
just sit on the wall, but include their plates, their furniture, their
wind chimes. As I have often said, a wind chime does not have to just
make noise, it can also be a work of art. Same goes for much of what
you use on a daily basis– Having some of these functional art works
can truly add to one’s daily enjoyment of life.

Amy Solovay: What do you like best about selling your art on ebay?

Tim Kline: eBay has given me the opportunity to do what I most enjoy (create), and
make a living. For this, I am deeply appreciative. It has been
wonderful to meet so many nice people from all around the world, and to
hear what they have to say. A few have become very good friends.

Tim Kline: All that said, eBay has deteriorated over the past couple of years, I
find. There are a number of reasons for this– some within eBay’s
control, others outside of it. This saddens and concerns me. I hope the
trend does not continue, and things soon take a turn for the better.

Amy Solovay: Thanks so much for sharing your art and your insights with us, Tim! I really appreciate it!