Making Progress on New Year’s Resolutions: Recently Unraveled Projects

I didn’t get around to posting my New Year’s Resolutions online this year, but one of the biggies was to do something about all the unfinished projects I have hanging around. I’m glad to announce that I’m making some headway on this. Woohoo!

Resolution #1: Unravel every crochet project I’m not going to finish.

I’m just about finished with this resolution. It was easier than I thought it would be, although there were a few that I agonized over a bit before jumping in and ripping, ripping, ripping.

Like this:

Shallow Single Crochet

This just needed to be unraveled. There was no good reason for hanging onto it. It was ugly. It was full of mistakes. It was turning out completely the wrong size and the wrong scale. There was not a chance in this world I was going to finish it.

Yet, despite the flaws, there were many interesting things about it, and I invested more effort than you’d think into the piece.

Take a close look at it. Can you tell that it’s crochet? It looks a little like knitted stockinette stitch. Sadly, it works up even slower than stockinette. It’s actually shallow single crochet stitch. Despite being crochet, this stitch is most un-crochet-like in multiple ways.

So instead of pink stockinette stitch flying saucer lookalikes, I now have a pile of pink yarn that I suppose I could use for making some cute little Valentine lovelies. Or maybe a baby headband. Who knows?

Resolution #2: Finish every craft project I’ve started that I’m not going to unravel or give up on.

I haven’t made any headway on this part of the list yet, but that’s what I’m going to tackle next.

Resolutions #3 and 4, for now, will remain secret. But maybe — just maybe — I will let the secret out a little later this year.

For now, over and out.