Scrapbooking Album For Jarried

I am making a scrapbook for my friend Jarried. I cannot even tell you what an amazing friend he is. Friends like this- real friends- are hard to find. I have known Jarried since 1994, and it is kind of hard to believe it has been that long. Looking back, I really wish we had taken more pictures of our adventures. Making this album for him has been more complicated than I thought it would be just due to lack of photos to put in it. I can’t believe all the fun / crazy / unbelievable times we’ve had together and in most cases there are no photos whatsoever of us in action. 🙁

Reminder to you: Take photos of your friends! Journal about them! Put it all together in an album! Later you will be glad you took the time to do it. Seriously!

Supplies used in this Scrapbooking Layout:

Dare To Dream Paper by Marah Johnson / Creative Imaginations . I cannot rave enough about this paper. I LOVE it! To me, Marah Johnson really does epitomize the idea of a “Creative imagination”. Her work brings a whole new dimension to the scrapbooking industry, and I think her designs are outstanding. While not all of it is truly me (the skulls? Uh, no thanks) I really admire the way she puts each design together. I also have to say that her papers are the easiest papers I have ever used in layouts. They almost don’t need anything else added to them- you can pretty much just put your photo down on the page, add your journaling and you are finished. Gotta love that. I think this particular paper is a great fit for the photo because Jarried is a dreamer at heart plus he LOVES winged hearts. I am hoping he loves this!!

American Crafts Slick Writer Medium Point Pen in Cinnamon Brown. Used inappropriately here, I know. It’s kinda overkill to use this marker on regular paper, but hey, when I am on a creative spree I usually grab the nearest pen at hand that’s remotely the right color for the effect I want. Love this pen- it works great on vellum and other slick surfaces that other pens don’t work well on.