Scrapbooking, Camping, Shopping, Fantasy Vs. Reality, and Supplies by Reminisce.

Scrapbooking layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies by Reminisce.

I love to shop! A few years back, I realized that I was constantly buying clothes for a life I do not lead. I loved buying fun party dresses and high heels, glittery cosmetics, and bright colored jewelry. Yet those fun clothes would hang in my closet, unworn, with all the tags still on them. I barely wore any of them, because I when I’d actually get dressed, I would choose things like sweats if I was going to go hiking, or paint stained clothes if I was going to make art, or jeans if I was just going to hang out. In my real life, I do things like mountain biking and camping and fishing and running around on the beach.

Today I realized that I have been doing the same thing with scrapbooking supplies. It hit me, when I was creating this camping layout. I buy a lot of pink paper with flowers and flourishes, and colorful “girly” embellishments that really don’t coordinate too well with the life I live and scrap about. This is interesting! Considering that there are so many supplies I’ve purchased that I LOVE, but have never been able to actually find a use for. I have a lot of pretty papers just hoarded in my stash, and some of them might never get used. I’ve been buying supplies for some sort of fantasy life, and not really buying enough of the supplies I’d use to scrap my real life.

I just recently found out about Reminisce. I liked the products as soon as I saw them, and I really wanted to try them out. However, they are different in so many ways from the products that I have hoarded in my stash. I think that the biggest difference is THESE ARE THE PAPERS FOR THE LIFE I ACTUALLY LEAD. And that’s a good thing! In fact this discovery is probably one of the best things that ever happened to my scrapbooking stash, my scrapbooking budget, and my scrapbooking mojo. I have been super inspired to scrap and I have been getting tons of pages done!

My new favorite papers are the “Into the Woods” design from Reminisce’s “The Great Outdoors” Line, which you can see in the backgound of this layout, and Blizzard Blue”, from “the Snow Globe” line. (I didn’t use Blizzard Blue in this layout, but you can see plenty of it in my other layouts if you scroll down to the earlier posts I made this month.) I can see myself making dozens of layouts using these papers. I have 8 or so rolls of film that I took in Oregon, and the “Into the Woods” paper is absolutely the perfect choice for scrapping quite a few of those pics. I’m so excited!

Supplies used in this scrapbooking layout:

All these items are from Reminisce’s “The Great Outdoors” Line:

I also used brown ribbon, black marker, and green chalk.

Thanks for looking! 🙂