Scrapbooking Layout: At the Doghouse

Scrapbook layout with spin art by Amy Solovay

No, not In the Doghouse. It’s AT the Doghouse. Mike used to be in a band (he plays bass). The name of the Studio where the band rehearsed and recorded is called “The Doghouse”. At the time, I used to rent an apartment from one of Mike’s fellow band members, and the apartment was sorta up above the Doghouse, way high up the hill overlooking Ventura Blvd. You’d never know it was up there unless you had a reason to. People drive by it all day long and never even suspect that there is life up there. It’s so beautiful up there, we felt like we had our own wild overgrown secret garden. Anyway, it was the guys at the Doghouse that first introduced Mike and Me. 🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Mike's band practiced pretty often at the Doghouse, and then after they were finished playing, he used to come upstairs to say hi to me and hang out. Or once in awhile I would go down and watch them play. At the time I was in design school, plus working, and I was usually pretty busy with paintings and design work and research and work. Some nights I would answer the door and Mike would say "You have paint on your face!" and I would say "Yeah I just woke up on top of my painting, must have fallen asleep." Haha. Good times, happy happy happy memories. 🙂 Note: I scanned the layout before I wrote the journaling, because the journaling is kinda personal and not something I wanted to put on the internet. Just FYI. So, if it looks a little bare in the spots the journaling ought to be, that is why!

Materials and Supplies Used in this Scrapbook Layout: