Scrapbooking Layout: Downtown Los Angeles

Scrapbooking Layout

This is my friend Jarried. He is a massage therapist, and he is studying to be a psychologist. He was the first friend I made when I moved out to California, and he is one of the very best friends I’ve ever had in my life. I could tell you so many stories…oh it makes me laugh and cry and feel all kinds of crazy things when I look back on our adventures together. I should write a book about them, but you’d never believe half the stories anyway.

The Journaling:

The journaling says “Call us crazy, but we LOVED living on the east side.”

To someone who’s never lived in Los Angeles, the journaling might not make sense. I’m sure I will fail miserably in this attempt to sum it up briefly, but here goes. Some people in LA have this thing about “Westside” vs. “Eastside”. There are people who are devoted “westsiders” who will say things like “I never venture east of ___________”, with “______________” being something along the lines of “the 405” or “La Brea.” or whatever.

We always thought that was pretty silly, since there is soooooooooo much interesting stuff to do and see all over Los Angeles- why restrict yourself to one tiny area of it? But to each his own!

At one point we lived in a fabulous loft in downtown LA. Loved it. We spent soooooo many days just wandering around downtown Los Angeles, seeing everything there was to see- and there was a lot to see, believe me! I took these photos of Jarried on one of those carefree days.

Materials and Supplies Used in this Scrapbook Layout:

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