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Digital Scrapbooking Layout Featuring Elwood Beach, California Palm Tree

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Featuring Elwood Beach Palm Tree

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Featuring Elwood Beach Palm Tree

From 2006 to 2009, my husband, Mike, and I lived in Goleta, California. Elwood Beach was basically our backyard; we could walk out our door, down a dirt path through the Eucalyptus trees and be at the beach within moments.

Here you can see one of my favorite views of the beach. I have variations of this same tree photographed, like, dozens of different times.

At the time, Mike and I both had amazing jobs working in Santa Barbara. Mike was working as the sales and marketing manager for a local AV company, and I had a freelance gig helping Big Dogs Sportswear put their summer print line together. I only worked with them during the summer months.

In my downtime during the fall and winter months, I messed around with scrapbooking, making and selling art, building websites, freelance writing and hanging around the beach. Life was just about as perfect as it could be.

Then along came the great financial crisis. Mike and I both lost our jobs at about the same time. We didn’t want to leave Santa Barbara, but we knew we couldn’t stay in the place where we had been living.

We met this guy who told us it was possible to live rent-free in Santa Barbara. He was selling a 1960s Chris Craft in need of restoration. He told us he was anchoring it in Fool’s Anchorage, and he suggested buying it and living aboard.

Well, of course, living rent-free in Santa Barbara was an appealing idea, so we took a look at his boat. However, we knew immediately that buying it would be a bad idea. Even if someone had been willing to invest the time and elbow grease getting that thing looking awesome again, it would take a billionaire to keep its fuel tanks full.

And we realized that staying in Fool’s Anchorage was also a terribly, horribly bad idea. Glad we had enough sense to dodge that bullet.

Later, after we’d bought a different boat, we met a guy, David. David is an experienced seaman who has been sailing since his childhood 60-some odd years ago. We got to talking with him about anchorages in the area. His comment about Fool’s Anchorage: “No self-respecting captain would anchor a boat there.”

Our other friend, Jim, used to live in Fool’s Anchorage. In the wintertime, when the winds would kick up hard, we’d get worried about him. We’d call him and ask how he was doing. He’d respond, “I’m rocking and rolling with the best of ‘em”. He used to drop, like, 200+ feet of chain and a massive anchor for his 34-foot sailboat, and the dude didn’t even have a windless. Even with all that ground tackle, washing up on the beach was a constant threat.

And that doesn’t even begin, really, to describe the insanity that is Fool’s Anchorage. Jim told us horror stories that I won’t get into here and now.

So I said to Mike, “Forget the Chris Craft. Let’s get a sailboat. And definitely forget Fool’s Anchorage. Let’s actually go cruising.”

Mike occasionally goes along with my wild ideas. The rest is history.


The lovely people over at Katie Pertiet’s website are having a blending challenge that inspired this digital scrapbooking layout. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to blending, so this really was a challenge for me – but I’m planning to keep messing around with it until I get proficient.

I used Gimp and digital scrapbooking supplies from Katie’s website to create this image. The title font is Cream Cake.

I’m new at Gimp, and so far, it would be incredibly generous to describe my skills in the program as being mediocre. But they’re getting a little better with each project I attempt, and they took a pretty big leap forward with this project (although it occurs to me that is probably not evident just from looking at this piece, which is more of a mess than I’d like it to be…)

Messy or not, I liked it enough to declare this digital scrapbooking layout finished. Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate your interest.

Scrapbooking Layout: Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

I just made a vacation themed scrapbook layout featuring photos from a trip my husband Mike and I took to Hawaii in 2003. I have been scrapping pages from that trip and am sooooo enjoying reliving the experience. It was the vacation of a lifetime!

The main reason we took the trip was to attend our friends’ wedding; at the time they lived on the island of Oahu and they got married right on the beach there. (I haven’t finished my layouts of the beach wedding yet but I am having so much fun working on them! Can’t wait to get this album put together!)

I had never been to Hawaii before. This was the best way to experience it- surrounded by friends plus the natural beauty of the islands. Having that many friends in town meant that there was always someone around to hang out with and go exploring with. We packed so much adventure into such a short amount of time- visiting the botanical gardens and the museum, snorkeling, shopping, going to the beach, eating out, cooking at “home” (we stayed at our friends’ house so it almost did feel like home!)

Mike is talking about taking me back, and trust me I really want to go! But our friends don’t live there any more so it will NOT be the same!

Supplies and Techniques Used in the Hawaii Scrapbooking Layout:

Paper: #11266 Heaven Wash by Teri Martin / Creative Imaginations. (Wish I could find more of this paper! If you know where to get some please let me know! THANKS!)

Hand Painting and Spin Art: by Amy Solovay.

Paints used: Lumiere Metallic Paints by Jacquard products (I LOVE THESE! Well, I love everything Jacquard products makes…but Lumiere is on my top ten list of favorite art supplies ever!!!)

Luma Brilliant Concentrated Water Colors.

Rubber Stamping: Stamps: Alphabet is Pixie Love Letters by PSX. Numbers are Typewriter Numbers Creative Characters by PSX.

Inks: ColorBox Fluid Chalk in Wisteria; Rubber Stampede Acid Free Dye Based Ink.

Chalking: Decorating Chalks by Craf-T Products.

Punches: Whale of a Punch Tag Punch; Flower Hand punch by Fiskars.

Sewing thread: Vintage J & P Coats Boilfast Mercerized Cotton

Vintage Button: unknown manufacturer

Dichroic Glass Charm: Original, handmade by an artisan who sells on under the ID Dichrohaven.

More Scrapbooking Ideas

Thanks for your interest!