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Paper Lace Doilies

Today I made a new page about paper lace doilies for my paper lace web site. It’s not completely finished yet, but it’s off to a good start. So far the page has a list of things to do with paper lace doilies, plus some places you can buy them. What it’s still missing are my pics of craft projects I’ve done using paper lace doilies. I have a bunch of them, but I still have to work on photographing them and getting them online. I started on that yesterday, but it’s been gloomy and rainy outside and the lighting is just bad right now. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get good photos for the last few days. I am really thankful for the rain, but anticipating having sunshine again soon.

Paper Laces, Antique Crochet, Blogging ETC.

I have been a bad blogger. 🙁

Well, actually I have been blogging my head off! But not at this blog. I’ve been working on my antique crochet web site and my paper lace web site. If either of those topics sounds interesting to you, I hope you’ll check them out. 🙂 This blog has been sadly ignored at their expense. Sorry!

I have been working on sooo many new art projects too. I cannot wait to show them to you. Haven’t taken pics or uploaded them yet, but I have some new paintings and collages plus a stack of new layouts finished.

If you read the last post I wrote, maybe you remember that I was rambling on, and on, and on about a great deal I found on scrapbooking paper. WELL, I got all the paper and it is incredible! Just wonderful stuff. A lot of it is patterned paper that I totally wanted anyway, but even better, a lot of it is paper that I never in a million years would have picked out for myself. Well, guess which stack I am scrapping with? Haha! You just never know. I normally don’t do “surprise” lots or “mystery” lots because I am sooo picky. But this turned out even better than expected, and I had high expectations.

I also just got a whole bunch of KI Memories Lace Cardstock. It is such a beautiful paper! LOVE it. I cannot wait to show you all the fun things I have been making with it. Update! Click here to see free card making and scrapbooking ideas using KI Memories Lace Cardstock. I have been taking forever getting it all online because I am trying to write up instructions, and, well, that is just taking more time than I expected. Next on my list, I want to get a whole bunch of this paper ribbon. It looks like it would be perfect to use with all the Narratives die cut papers I just scored. 🙂 I am one happy scrappy girl at the moment.

Well, if you happen to read this, please drop me a comment and say “hi”, and if you paint/ scrap/crochet/knit or do anything crafty I’d love to hear about what you’re working on these days. Hope to update again soon! 🙂