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Fun Facts About Our Kittens

Our Kitten Gem on Mike's Shoulder

Our Kitten Gem on Mike’s Shoulder

Our four kittens are sisters and litter-mates. They’re similar in many ways, but the more you get to know them, the more you realize that each girl has her own distinct personality.

  • Kitty with the softest fur: Gem. Cindy is pretty soft too.
  • Kitty with the thickest fur: Izzy.
  • Most likely to purr loudly, for no apparent reason: Gem.
  • Most likely to lick my hand: Gem.
  • Most likely to bite my hand: Gem.
  • Most likely to beg for petting: Ginger.
  • Least likely to beg for petting: Izzy.
  • Most likely to use the scratching post: Izzy.
  • Most likely to unplug my computer: Izzy.
  • Most likely to jump into the cockpit: Ginger. Cindy is a close second.
  • Most likely to pounce on Mike’s shoulders: Cindy (although the photo shows Gem on Mike’s shoulder.)
  • Most likely to climb our pants legs: Cindy.
  • Most likely to climb into the sink: Cindy.
  • Most likely to make trouble: Gem. No, wait, Izzy. no, wait, Cindy. No, wait, Ginger. Hmmmmm.

A New Web Page About My Cute Kitties

Mike's Kitten Collection

I’m in the process of revamping my website. Sorry for the mess! The site is lookin’ ugly right now, but I’m working on it.

That aside, today I posted what I’m convinced must be the cutest web page on the entire Internet. Well, OK, perhaps it isn’t the absolute cutest, but it’s pretty darned cute — because the subject is my adorable two+ month-old kittens. That’s how old the kitties are now, but most of the pictures I included on the page show them when they were little two-to-three-week-old babies. If you click on over to the page, brace yourself for a whole lotta cute.

Click Here to See My Cute Kittens!