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Free Video Classes on Craft Photography, Blogging and Other Topics

Do you enjoy learning new skills by video? If you do, I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm for an amazing personal development resource I just discovered. It’s an Internet-based platform for video classes taught by some of the world’s most creative, innovative, successful and admired individuals. The best part is that you can take advantage of a huge variety of different video classes offered for FREE!

I just signed up for a couple of free classes:

  • Craft photography fundamentals taught by Candice Stringham on October 8-9, 2015; if you miss the free broadcast, or you’re busy that day but you still want to take the class, you’ll have the opportunity to get access to it for $79 US dollars.
  • How to write a blog post that drives traffic taught by Darren Murph; the free broadcast happens on October 30, 2015. If that day doesn’t work for you, you’ll still be able to take the class on a different day, at your convenience, for $29.

They’re offering bunches of other classes I’d be interested in taking as well:

Here are some additional links if you want to check out more options:

Which classes will you sign up for?