Gorgeous Paper Lace Wedding Invitations

Pretty paper just thrills me! As an artist I enjoy working with and learning about papers of all kinds. Well, lately I’ve been fascinated by paper lace– how to make it, different examples of it that others have made, crafts to make with it, plus vintage and antique examples of paper lace too.

Well, as I research the topic of paper lace, I’m finding that paper lace is typically used in things like Valentines, greeting cards, and wedding invitations– not to mention objects to be used at weddings and occasions, like for example paper lace doilies are often used to set the table at weddings or Valentine’s Day parties. So, I started looking online for various examples of paper lace wedding invitations and WOW some of them are pretty incredible! Just amazing. So I created a page at paperlaces.com that is dedicated to lace wedding invitations.

Wish I’d known about them when I was getting married…our invitations were really pretty, don’t get me wrong, but they were not that elaborate. (Oh well!) If any bride were to ask me which wedding invitations are the prettiest and most romantic I would definitely tell her to get paper lace invitations!

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