Inspiring Crochet Books

I just got a whole bunch of new crochet books, and I am working on reviewing them for the web sites I write for. My most recent book review is for a book called Fair Isle to Crochet by Karen Ratto Whooley, published by Leisure Arts. I was really impressed by this book.

My favorite project from the book is a Southwestern-style afghan crocheted in appealing colors. I occasionally design Southwestern patterns for upholstery fabric, and know it is a challenge to do Southwestern designs well.

If you’re interested in crocheting colorful afghans, that book is a good one to check out. Want more details? Click on over to my detailed book review to see more info.

Judging from the amount of books she writes, I can only imagine that Darla Sims must be one busy lady. I can’t believe what a prolific author she is. Her book called Triple Play Pattern Stitches is one of my current favorite crochet stitch dictionaries; now I’m busy delving into two of her latest books. I haven’t had a chance to review them yet — too busy trying out the various stitches she designed — but I hope to post new book reviews soon.

More Inspiring Crochet Books

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