Father’s Day Crafts (Crochet Ideas and More)

Who’s making gifts for Dad this year? If your plan is to make a Father’s Day gift for your Dad, this is a great time to get started on the project. This year, Father’s Day occurs on Sunday, June 15, 2014 — so you have time to get a hand-crafted project done, although not too much time.

(Of course, if you can’t squeeze in any crafting time between now and Father’s Day, you could always aim for a handmade birthday gift or Christmas gift instead.)

You probably already have about a zillion ideas for things your dad might like you to make for him. You know more about his tastes, interests, talents and preferences than any random blogger on the Internet who puts together gift-list ideas would. But still, it can be interesting to check out other peoples’ gift lists and then put your own spin on them to come up with the perfect gift. So whether or not you’re actually in need of gift ideas, you may find it interesting to look through some lists to get an idea of what other people find gift-worthy.

I invite you to check out this list of Father’s Day craft ideas. It’s a list for do-it-yourselfers of all persuasions, with some interesting options for crocheters, plus plenty of other craft ideas.

Here’s another reminder: you probably also want to remember to take care of any Father-in-laws, stepdads, granddads, and other father-figures on your gift list.

Whatever gifts you decide to make for the guys on your gift list, I’m really hoping they’ll love ‘em.

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DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

A quick reminder: Mother’s Day is approaching. This year, Mom’s special day falls on Sunday, May 11, 2014.

Do you ever draw a blank when trying to think of a worthy gift for the lady who is, after all, one of the most significant people in your life? Need some ideas for lovely gifts you could make for her?

If so, the pages linked here can help.

The projects on this list are all ideal Mother’s Day gifts that crocheters can make using free pattern available on the Internet. So if you know how to crochet, this page is a fantastic resource. Bonus points because you don’t have to buy any patterns.

If you don’t know how to crochet, I invite you to check out the following resources:

Of course, if you don’t already know how to crochet, you’ll probably want to practice a bit before you attempt to make an entire gift. So moving on to the next item for your consideration, you could take a look at this list of best Mother’s Day craft ideas. That list features projects you can create using a variety of different craft techniques.

I hope you’ll find these ideas inspiring and helpful when deliberating about what to make, and what to give. If you decide to make one of these projects, I wish you all the best with it. I sure hope you’ll have fun with both the gift-making, and the gift-giving.


Amy Solovay

A Silk Infinity Scarf

An Easy Silk Infinity Scarf -- A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available for This Design.

An Easy Silk Infinity Scarf — A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available for This Design.

This infinity scarf was designed to be crocheted in a warm, resilient yarn such as the lovely merino pictured on the original pattern page. However, with spring’s arrival, I packed the wool scarf away, and look forward to bringing it out again in the fall. For now, I’ve been wanting to having something a bit lighter and “springier” to wear around.

I had a) some pink silk yarn, and b) some serious curiosity about how the same scarf design would look if I used my silk yarn to crochet it instead of the wool. I was hopeful that it could work, but not at all sure it would. I knew the drape would be different, and I figured the entire look would be different.

The drape is definitely different.

The entire look is definitely different.

I’m happy enough with the results of this experiment. Drapey lightweight scarf: check. New spring wardrobe piece: check. Curiosity satisfied: check, check, check.

Cindy the SuperModel Gets in on Our Headband Photo Shoot

Mike Wearing a Crocheted Headband and Holding Cindy the SuperModel Kitten

Mike Wearing a Crocheted Headband and Holding Cindy the SuperModel Kitten

A few days ago, I made Mike a couple of new, guy-friendly crocheted headbands. I asked him if he’d let me post his picture wearing them on various websites online, and of course, he agreed.

The cockpit of our boat was the most convenient location for the photo shoot, so we headed out there.

Cindy, one of our cute little kittens, just would not leave us alone while we were taking the pictures. She kept trying to climb up Mike’s leg during the entire photo shoot. It’s as if she were trying to say, “hey guys, I’m the supermodel in this family!” (Note: We did name her after Cindy Crawford, and we do jokingly refer to her as “Cindy the SuperModel.”) So what could we do but include her in the pics? Cute cats = lots of website clicks! Er, we hope.

Cindy seems to get prettier every day; I think she is really turning out to be a beautiful cat. And of course, Mike is my favorite model when it comes to guys’ crochet projects.

Our kitties used to be scared of the outside world, and in the past they were content to stay inside the boat. Not anymore; nowadays they are playing outside on top of the boat — with supervision only, because we’re worried that the naughty little cuties will end up in the water if they aren’t careful. Every time they see fish jumping, I get nervous that they are going to dive right in and go fishing.

When we were cruising around California, we knew a guy who lived aboard his boat with several fully-grown cats. He told us that the cats enjoyed fishing from his dinghy. Sometimes we’d see them out there, their little eyes intent on the water, watching for fish. It was really cute. He said the cats actually managed to catch some impressive fish from time to time, although most of the time their catch was basically bait material. Maybe our girls could be taught to fish too…someday. We don’t have actual plans to make that happen any time soon.

If any of you are interested in grabbing the free headband pattern, it’s available at the crochet.about.com website. And for those of you who might like to see more pics of the headband (or incidentally, more pics of Mike and Cindy,) those are available too. I posted a new image gallery that shows several different views of the headband plus a couple different colors of the design. I made a green headband first, then made the blue one afterwards to test the pattern.

Hope you’re all well and happy, and enjoying 2013 so far. It’s hard to believe we’re this far into the month of January already!

My Kittens Learn How to Crochet

Here’s what happened at our place today:

Mommy, I'm Gonna Learn How to Crochet!

Cindy: “Mommy, I’m Gonna Learn How to Crochet!”

Can You Pleeze 'Splain to Me What Is This Thing For?

“Can You Pleeze ‘Splain to Me What Is This Thing For?”

I bite it?

“I bite it?”

Mommy This Doesn't Make Any Sense

Gem: “Mommy, this doesn’t make any sense!”

Me: “Honey, you have the book upside down.”

Show me how to crochet mommy

Izzy: “Show me how to crochet, Mommy!”

OK Iz Heres How to Crochet

Me: “OK Iz, this is how you crochet.”

Don't Care About Crochet Mommy. Just Want YARN!

Ginger: “I don’t care about crochet, Mommy. I just want YARN!”

For anyone who really wants to learn how to crochet, the following pages will help:

Waking Up to Kittens

Waking up to Cute Kittens in Your Bed

Waking up to Cute Kittens in Your Bed

Sometimes, I awaken to the sounds of a purring symphony — because four sweet, loveable, mellow kittens are beside me in the bed, purring their little hearts out.

And sometimes, I awaken sooner than I would have liked to, because there are four tiny wildcats playing a game of tackle football on my head.

My Warmest, Softest Scarf

The nights at our place have been chilly lately.

When my kittens were tiny, if the weather was chilly, they’d sleep piled on top of each other for warmth. Now that they can jump, they sometimes like to jump up into our bed and sleep with us. Sometimes they sleep piled on top of Mike and me, and sometimes they sleep piled on top of each other. Several days ago I awoke with four kittens piled on top of my right arm. I couldn’t move it until I woke up enough to figure out how to get them off. I can’t believe how heavy they’re getting.

On several of the last few mornings, I’ve awoken wearing an IzzyScarf. Meaning that, at some point, in the wee hours of the morning, Izzy climbed onto my neck, stretched herself out across it and fell asleep there.

Izzy is the warmest, softest, furriest scarf I’ve ever worn. I wish I could wear her out and about in cold weather.

But, for that, at least I have my crocheted scarves – which are nice, although they are nowhere near as warm or as soft as my IzzyScarf.

I guess I should just be glad she lets me wear her sometimes while I am sleeping.

Yesterday morning, Mike got to experience the IzzyScarf too. Mike isn’t a big scarf fan, although I did make him a matching crocheted scarf and hat set. He wears the hat pretty often, but the scarf, not so much.

But the IzzyScarf? Well, that made his day! You shoulda seen the grin on his face. He loves his little baby Izzy sooooooooo much.

Wishing I had photos of this to show you! It was the cutest thing.

Fun Facts About Our Kittens

Our Kitten Gem on Mike's Shoulder

Our Kitten Gem on Mike’s Shoulder

Our four kittens are sisters and litter-mates. They’re similar in many ways, but the more you get to know them, the more you realize that each girl has her own distinct personality.

  • Kitty with the softest fur: Gem. Cindy is pretty soft too.
  • Kitty with the thickest fur: Izzy.
  • Most likely to purr loudly, for no apparent reason: Gem.
  • Most likely to lick my hand: Gem.
  • Most likely to bite my hand: Gem.
  • Most likely to beg for petting: Ginger.
  • Least likely to beg for petting: Izzy.
  • Most likely to use the scratching post: Izzy.
  • Most likely to unplug my computer: Izzy.
  • Most likely to jump into the cockpit: Ginger. Cindy is a close second.
  • Most likely to pounce on Mike’s shoulders: Cindy (although the photo shows Gem on Mike’s shoulder.)
  • Most likely to climb our pants legs: Cindy.
  • Most likely to climb into the sink: Cindy.
  • Most likely to make trouble: Gem. No, wait, Izzy. no, wait, Cindy. No, wait, Ginger. Hmmmmm.

A New Web Page About My Cute Kitties

Mike's Kitten Collection

I’m in the process of revamping my website. Sorry for the mess! The site is lookin’ ugly right now, but I’m working on it.

That aside, today I posted what I’m convinced must be the cutest web page on the entire Internet. Well, OK, perhaps it isn’t the absolute cutest, but it’s pretty darned cute — because the subject is my adorable two+ month-old kittens. That’s how old the kitties are now, but most of the pictures I included on the page show them when they were little two-to-three-week-old babies. If you click on over to the page, brace yourself for a whole lotta cute.

Click Here to See My Cute Kittens!

It All Started With Crochet…

Me crocheting; when I crochet using dark-colored yarns, I often use a light-up crochet hook like the one you see pictured. It helps me see my stitches better.

Crochet was the craft that first sparked my interest in textile design.

When I first learned to crochet, it wasn’t because I specifically set out to do so. No, it was because my Aunt Nancy enjoyed crocheting, and she decided to teach me how to crochet too. It was her idea, but I went along with it, and I am glad I did!

In the 1980s, I used to go to the library in search of interesting crochet books. Unfortunately, the library’s selection was limited, and most of the library’s available crochet books did not appeal to me. I am sure that, in hindsight, all those books would now appeal to me. But at the time, I wanted new books, and the available selection consisted mostly of books from the 1970s. I appreciate the 1970s aesthetic more now than I did at the time.

Anyway, the knitting books and crochet books were shelved together, and the library’s selection of knitting books was more up-to-date and appealing than the selection of crochet books. So, I kept taking home knitting books. As a result of that, I taught myself how to knit.

Later, when I decided to make textile design my career, I learned how to machine knit. I later went on to design circular knits – mostly t-shirt weight fabrics – for public consumption through big-box retailers. I also designed prints (many of which were printed on top of my circular knits) and then later wovens.

But it all started with crochet…

It’s interesting that I’ve come full circle as a textile designer. I’ve designed just about every type of fabric there is to design, and I love them all. But crochet was my first love, and I couldn’t be more excited to be focusing my full-time efforts on crocheting, writing about crocheting, and designing free crochet patterns.

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