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Elegant Trios -- A Bead Crochet Necklace Pattern Designed by Amy Solovay for Sharon Hernes Silverman's  crochet pattern book called

Pictured above, you can see one of my favorite creative collaborations to date. The bead crochet necklace shown here is called “Elegant Trios.” I designed this crochet project for Sharon Hernes Silverman’s crochet pattern book called “Delicate Crochet,” published by Stackpole Books. Daniel Shanken is the photographer.

I enjoy supporting other creative people, contributing to their projects, and sharing my knowledge with other people who want to learn about the topics I’m knowledgeable about. Want to collaborate? Below, you’ll find a list of the projects I’m currently working on that you could get involved with; I’ve also posted a list of the services I offer. If you see a good fit between what I’m doing and what you’re hoping to accomplish, please get in touch. Beyond that, I’m open to new projects; feel free to hit me up with suggestions for win-win collaborations if you have other ideas in mind.

HOWEVER! If you represent a brand that you’re hoping I’ll write about on behalf of one of my media clients, please do not pitch me directly. Instead, please get in touch with the appropriate contact at the relevant media outlet. You can find contact information for HERE; HERE; Dotdash Meredith HERE; and the New York Times Company HERE.

Amy Solovay’s Top Priority Projects for November and December 2023

    Amy Solovay Wearing Her Classic Crochet Infinity Scarf; Free Crochet Pattern Available From

    Amy Solovay Wearing Her Classic Crochet Infinity Scarf; Free Crochet Pattern Available From

  • Best Fabric Paints, Dyes, and Surface Design Supplies: At my craft website, I am currently working on revamping and expanding my surface design, fabric painting, and dyeing content coverage. I am posting product reviews of fabric paints, dyes, and fabric markers; fabric painting craft project ideas; and step-by-step project tutorials for hand dyeing and hand painting clothing, accessories, and fabrics. I’m specifically interested in reviewing new fabric paints, fabric dyes, fabric markers, and related supplies in this niche. I’m also open to reviewing books, classes, or other educational resources in this niche.

  • DIY Fashion Photo Shoots: I design crochet projects like jewelry, scarves, cowls, hats, and fingerless gloves. I release most of my crochet patterns for free, but I do also contributed craft projects to books and magazines when appealing opportunities arise. When shooting project photos, I have an ongoing need for up-to-date clothing that looks amazing and shows off the crochet work to its best advantage. I would be interested in collaborating with DIY fashion designers and fashion brands so we can cross-promote each other’s work. This would be an especially good fit for sewing pattern designers, but I would also be open to collaborating with ready-to-wear fashion brands who like my aesthetic.

  • Valentine’s Day Crafts, Fashion and Decor: I am working on updating Valentine’s Day content across my network of websites. If you’d like to collaborate with me on Valentine’s Day content, this is the time to do it; please get in touch with me ASAP.

  • Christmas Craft Books, Gift Ideas, and Christmas Projects: At my craft website, I have been working on updating and improving my Christmas gift guides and all my Christmas craft content. I am close to being finished with updating, adding and scheduling Christmas content but am open to adding more if an exceptional and not-too-stressful opportunity presents itself. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to consider reviewing your Christmas craft pattern book or other relevant Christmas-themed craft supplies that would be of interest to crafters during 2024’s holiday season.

Other Ways You Could Work With Me

  • Copywriting, Email Marketing, Ghostwriting, Content Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization: If you’re hoping to attract new leads and sales to your website via organic search, I can help you with that. Consider hiring me to write enticing articles, product descriptions, website copy, email newsletters, blog posts, or other copy that will delight your website’s visitors and generate increased awareness, interest, and sales for your business.

    I do a significant amount of content marketing and search engine optimization for clients in the education, career, healthcare, tech, and business sectors. Because I brand myself as a textile designer, world traveler, sailor and outdoor sports enthusiast, I typically prefer to ghostwrite in most verticals that do not relate to textile design, fashion, home furnishings, handcrafts, sailing, outdoor sports, or travel in some way.

  • Craft or DIY projects and tutorials to be posted at your brand’s website or ours, or to be published in your craft pattern book or magazine
  • Sponsored press releases at or
  • Sponsored posts at or other sites in our network; these will be fully disclosed as per US FTC guidelines. Links included in sponsored posts will be tagged as “nofollow”.
  • Craft book reviews, yarn reviews, and reviews of other craft supplies. Supplied books, yarns, and products will automatically be considered for inclusion in our gift guides, but gift guide inclusion is completely at our discretion. You cannot buy placement in our gift guides; placement in those spots is earned based on what we believe offers our readers the best value for their crafting dollars.
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Sponsored giveaways
  • Product photo shoot styling
  • Craft video tutorials or classes
  • I’m open to other sorts of collaborations; if you have other ideas, please feel free to get in touch.

About Amy Solovay:

Sailing Away from Sardinia -- a 6"x8" Pocket Page Scrapbooking Layout

Sailing Away from Sardinia — a 6″x8″ Pocket Page Scrapbooking Layout

  • Most interesting accomplishment: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea in a 34′ sailboat
  • Has 6+ years’ experience working as a content marketer and search engine optimizer for digital marketing agencies to increase awareness for their clients’ products, services and brands.
  • Has nearly 6 years’ journalism experience writing for well-known and highly respected media companies including Dotdash Meredith, the New York Times Company, and Static Media; currently working as a fashion feature writer for; managed the subdomain (now part of for 5 years. The associated job title was “crochet expert.”
  • Made With Love by Me Scrapbooking Layout Featuring Crocheted Tote Bag Project

    Made With Love by Me Scrapbooking Layout Featuring Crocheted Tote Bag Project

  • Has a decade’s worth of experience working as a creative director, team manager, product developer, designer, and sometimes freelancer in the textile industry.
  • Former instructor at California Design College; taught 2 courses — surface design and trends and concepts in apparel marketing
  • Completed Nine West Group’s management trainee program and has extensive experience managing others
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree from Sweet Briar College with a mathematics major and a double minor in studio art minor and dance performance
  • In addition to the bachelor’s degree, holds another degree in textile design
  • Botanical Illustration of Leaves and Beans by Amy Solovay -- Graphite, Spring 2000

    Botanical Illustration of Leaves and Beans by Amy Solovay — Graphite, Spring 2000

  • Has invested in ongoing continuing education; has taken coursework from Otis College of Art and Design in various subjects including botanical illustration, fashion design, fashion illustration, industrial sewing
  • Avid reader and book reviewer who has systematically worked to attract an audience of craft book readers.

Some Of The Brands Amy Has Worked With Include the Following:

  • Clear Scraps
  • Trafalgar Square Books
  • Sixth&Spring Books
  • Tuttle Publishing
  • Interweave
  • Stackpole Books
  • Leisure Arts

Interested in working together? Please contact me! Thanks so much for your interest in collaborating.