About Amy Solovay

Amy Solovay aboard Typhoon in Two Harbors, California, Catalina Island

Amy Solovay aboard Typhoon in Two Harbors, California, Catalina Island

Avalon, California -- Catalina Island is one of Amy Solovay's favorite sailing destinations.

Avalon, California — Catalina Island is one of Amy Solovay’s favorite sailing destinations.

Ziplining in Avalon, California on Catalina Island

Ziplining in Avalon, California on Catalina Island

Hi! I’m Amy. Thanks for dropping by today. I invite you to take a peek at some of the things I’ve been up to:


Crochet by Amy Solovay

I learned to crochet as a child, and crochet has been an important part of my life ever since. I collect vintage crochet patterns, and I also design free crochet patterns for other crafters to enjoy. I’m starting a new weekly crochet and knitting newsletter to share my patterns, and my discoveries, with other needleworkers. If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to sign up.


Scrapbooking -- Mini Album by Amy Solovay

I enjoy documenting my adventures using photos, journaling, and an assortment of beautiful papers and embellishments. I do bunches of hybrid and digital projects too.


Photography by Amy Solovay -- Sailboat at Sunrise

I never set out to be a photographer, but it’s a skill I’ve had to acquire; without photographs, my writing, art and other work would be inaccessible to the worldwide online audience. I usually shoot with a Sony a350, and I often carry a Nikon Coolpix camera around for on-the-go shots.


Knitting by Amy Solovay

I learned to hand knit when I was in high school, and I later went on to get a degree in textile design. In design school, I studied both hand and machine knitting. After graduation, I designed circular knits professionally. My customers were mostly garment manufacturers who sold apparel to the big-box retailers.


Crafts -- Hand Stamped Paper Flowers by Amy Solovay

I’ll try anything crafty! I’ve enjoyed dabbling in all kinds of crafts, including needlework, stamping, card making, beadwork, sewing and mosaics.


I’ve been a writer since I was in junior high, when I first began journaling.

I began writing for the web in 1998, and I have writing scattered in various places around the Internet.

In 2009, I signed on as About.com’s crochet expert, a gig I worked at on a more than full-time basis until 2014. The New York Times Company owned the About.com network at the time I began writing for them. I spent 3 years under the Times umbrella learning the business of journalism and writing for the web; I wrote for the About.com network for about five years total.


Art -- Collage Painting by Amy Solovay

I was a studio art minor in college, and I’m still using and applying all the lessons I learned back then.


Travel -- Mike and Amy in Avalon, California

My husband Mike and I live aboard a sailboat. Our most impressive adventure so far: crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. We’ve also traveled extensively in the USA. We spent a couple of years cruising the Channel Islands and California’s coast.



Mike and I adopted 4 orphaned kittens when they were only a couple of weeks old. They needed constant bottle feeding and care. If we hadn’t taken them in, they would have died. We never intended to own 4 cats, but somewhere along the line we fell in love with the little cuties. They’ve enriched our lives and have kept us laughing nonstop at their funny and adorable antics.

You: So, Amy, what do you do?

Me: I do many things. I could give you a dozen different answers, and they’d all be true. Take your pick:

I’m a writer, journalist, journaler and occasional blogger.

I’m an adventurer. I love hitting the trail for the sheer joy of seeing where it leads, or throwing off the bow lines and setting sail for a distant port.

I’m a textile designer. I knit, crochet, and weave. I also design prints, colorways and textile repeats.

I’m an artist. I paint, draw and collage.

I’m a crafter. I bead, scrapbook, stamp and alter.

I’m a designer. I design many things, including web pages and web sites.

I’m an educator.

Because much of my work is visual, I’ve also had to become a photographer.

I have a degree in math, although I would not call myself a mathematician. I got a second degree in textile design because the math didn’t exactly work out for me as a career choice.

I’m also a happily married wife and the proud caretaker of an ever-changing number of adorable cats. I travel frequently; I’m a former full-time liveaboard cruising sailor. Sometimes I’m in a different place every week.

You’re invited to learn more about my adventures by clicking any of the links on this page. Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your interest.