Floral Slimline Thank You Card Making Idea + Vintage Handmade Linens

Slimline Floral Thank You Card + Vintage Crocheted and Embroidered Linen

Slimline Floral Thank You Card + Vintage Crocheted and Embroidered Linen

If you’re here for the cardmaking idea, you can find a supply list at the end of this post. If you’re here because you enjoy vintage crochet or embroidery, I invite you to check out my pages about vintage crochet or embroidery at my craft website. If you’re here for the story, keep reading! Thanks so much for your visit!

I used to own a website about vintage crochet. I also used to collect vintage crochet-related things – vintage crochet books, vintage linens with crocheted edgings, vintage crochet supplies. The collection provided content for the website, and the website was the excuse I needed to justify the collection. The website did earn a micro-income, but it was mostly just a good excuse for me to have fun messing around with pretty crocheted things.

I thought I had sold off or given away all my vintage crochet stuff before I moved aboard a sailboat and went cruising. But, apparently, I didn’t get rid of it all. I recently moved, and I am now unpacking stuff that has been stored in boxes since around 2009-ish. It’s like opening a time capsule. I was delighted to find that the vintage linen pictured in the background of this photo is still somehow in my possession.

My old vintage crochet website turned out to be a stepping stone that helped me land one of my first two enterprise-level freelance writing clients. Some of y’all know me from the days I was writing that website and also writing about crochet for About.com’s (now TheSpruceCrafts.com’s) hobbies channel. If you’re still with me from those days, thanks for following along with my adventures; I am really grateful we’re still in touch.

Although I retired that vintage crochet website years ago, I’ve been slowly working on reposting its contents at my newest craft site, KnittingCrochetCrafts.com. I decided that, instead of having a bunch of different small, niche craft sites, I’d rather devote my efforts to maintaining one authority craft website. So that’s how it is that we have a current handmade card and vintage crochet / embroidery coexisting in today’s photograph.

If you’d like to make a thank-you card or other card similar to the one pictured here, you’ll need the following craft supplies:

Tools and Supplies Needed for Making This Greeting Card:

  • Paper: I used patterned Papers made by Pinkfresh Studio from their “Best Day” Collection Paper Pack and their “Some Days” Collection Paper Pack. You could successfully replicate this project idea using different papers, so feel free to use any similar papers you might already happen to have handy in your craft supplies stash.

  • Embellishments: There are zillions of different approaches you could take to embellishing a handmade greeting card. If you’re hoping to replicate this project idea exactly, you’ll need a die cutter and Pinkfresh Studio’s Mini Slimline Stitched Scalloped Rectangles die and also their Curvy Leaves Die Set. However, there are lots of places you could get a die-cut frame and some die-cut leaves; you can buy ready-made embellishments similar to these, or you could cut out your own frame and leaves. It’s also possible to use frame and leaf stickers. So you have other options beyond the exact ones I’ve used if you aren’t already set up with a die cutter and dies.

  • A Card Sentiment: The “Thank You” sentiment I used to make this card is from the “Life Is Good” stamp set, which was a collaboration between Scrapbook.com and Pinkfresh Studio. I don’t think the set is currently available, but that isn’t a problem because you can get “thank you” stamps lots of places. Or you can use letter stickers, or brush letter your sentiment.

  • Adhesive — You can use any paper-friendly adhesive to create a card design like this one.

Thank you so much for checking out my project. I hope you enjoyed it!!

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