My Blog Vanished!

This blog has been online since 2005. It used to have hundreds of posts, but now it doesn’t.

The short version of the story: We had to migrate this site from a different web host because the site was hosted on an ancient server from circa 2005 that didn’t have c-panel, and it was using an outdated version of PHP. The migration went smoothly…or so I thought…

…until I actually tried to update the back end, and everything broke. Oops!

I could put everything back exactly the way it was. I have backups of everything.

But I thought it over and realized I don’t want to put everything back. My writing, photography, and skill set have all dramatically improved since I started this blog in 2005. Anyone who found those old posts wasn’t finding the best work I’m currently capable of. So I have been meaning to completely overhaul this entire site anyway, because I really want to give my readers the best I have to offer.

So here we are. The overhaul is now in progress. Please forgive my broken links, missing photos, and missing pages, and thank you so much for your interest in my writing / travels / crochet patterns / textile designs / artwork, as the case may be.

I will put the most interesting and useful content back up ASAP. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for any of my art or craft tutorials, please check out, where most of that stuff is currently available already (and the best of the rest will be moved there soon.)

Please drop me a comment and let me know if there are any pages or posts from my old site that you were using; I’ll expedite their return if I’m aware that somebody out there is missing them.


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